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Goodman Foundation

The Goodman Foundation is represented across Australia, New Zealand, Greater China, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Poland and US.  Expansion of the Foundation is continuing across Europe, and Japan.

In Greater China

The Goodman Foundation aims to improve the quality of life, standard of living and health of people across the communities where Goodman operates. Its focus is on social change and improving the lives of those less privileged in our community by providing practical assistance by way of capital expenditure for equipment, funding of programmes and projects, warehousing or office space or the expertise of our people. Many of our community partners, in addition to receiving a Foundation grant, benefit from fundraising and volunteer support from Goodman staff in our good+heart programme along with regular payroll donations through the Goodman good+deeds workplace giving programme.


good+heart is all about employee engagement and under this programme the Goodman Foundation provides our people with the opportunity to make a difference by taking action! Under good+heart, Goodman team members can fundraise for a cause they are passionate about, volunteer their time or expertise or participate in a charity fundraising event.

Goodman provides encouragement and support to participants of good+heart by either funding the entry fees or costs of the event, make a donation to the cause, provide time off work and to source and organise opportunities for their participation throughout the year.


Our good+deeds programme has been operating for over five years and supports charities that assist disadvantaged people in our community including Fu Hong Society, Hong Chi Association, Children's Cancer Foundation and Shanghai Charity Foundation. The Goodman Foundation matches all employee contributions.